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Northwest Community College Mission Statement and Values


NWCC builds successful futures through educational leadership in the economic, social, cultural and community development of our region.


Northwest Community College creates positive futures through quality learning experiences in an inclusive and respectful environment.

Values and Operating Principles

We are respectful in every interaction and in our personal and professional behaviour. We are an ethical institution that acts with integrity. We work toward growth, continual learning and collaboration with students, communities and each other. We honour the culture and tradition of First Nations communities on whose territory we operate. We will work to resolve historical injustices and inequities and continue an ongoing dialogue free of racism.


We establish and achieve College objectives that are cost-effective and open to public review.

A Student-centred College

We operate programs, courses, and services focused on meeting the learning, developmental and employment needs of the learners we serve.

Student Success

We commit to removing barriers to student success. We will provide services, programs, and resources to foster success.


We treat each person in a fair and equitable fashion, acknowledging and valuing his or her perspectives and diversity. We do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, age, colour, ancestry, place of origin, political belief, religion, marital or family status, financial status, physical, mental or learning disability, gender or sexual orientation.


We commit to working cooperatively and in good faith with our internal and external communities.

First Nations Heritage and Cultural Competency

We commit to reducing systemic barriers such as racism, and ensuring that our courses and programs demonstrate an integrated inclusion of First Nations culture and knowledge.

Openness to Change

We provide relevant, current and innovative programs and services and respond to changes in society and the needs of our learners.


We commit to addressing barriers and providing fair and equitable access to learning opportunities and services throughout the region.

Empowerment of Communities

We commit to the decentralization of learning opportunities and recognizing the role of communities we serve in determining their educational priorities.

Empowerment of Employees

We commit to have our employees actively participate in the decision making processes at the College.

Empowerment of Students

We recognize and encourage the active involvement of students in the development and improvement of College programs and services.


We encourage and support creativity and innovation in the development of initiatives that address opportunities for constructive change.


We conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner and include sound resource practices such as waste reduction, recycling and energy conservation.