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Step 2 - Registration in Courses

Once admitted to NWCC, you will receive notification that you have been accepted and instructions to enrol in your courses.  Registration options will be explained to you when you receive your acceptance letter, including registration dates.  You are able to register online for many programs.   

Register early and in advance to guarantee your spot in the class of your choice! Some classes fill quickly and only receipt of payment guarantees your spot.

Keep reading more more information on selecting your courses and planning your timetable.

Select Your Courses

Depending on your program, this step will vary considerably. You will need to know which courses to take before registering. In some cases you will be given a predetermined ‘set’ of courses that have already been arranged. For other programs, you will be required to choose the appropriate courses.

The NWCC calendar and website contain the information needed to select courses in your chosen program. Read carefully for the courses required and their prerequisites. Our program webpages also contain course and timetable information. Program Coordinators and Educational Advisors may also be contacted for more information.

Plan Your Timetable

At NWCC, most students set up their own timetable or can be assisted by an Educational Advisor. Please note that you may not register until courses have been selected and a conflict-free timetable has been planned. All necessary prerequisites must be met before registering for courses. All newly accepted students will be mailed information about timetables. Continuing students may pick up a timetable at the Admissions Office or click here to find it online.

You must ensure that you set up a conflict-free timetable. Be sure to read the following essential information:

You will need to consider your course loads carefully. A full-time course load varies by program. For instance, a full-time university credit student (100% course load) would take five courses each semester; however, for other purposes, such as financial aid, full-time may mean three courses or more. See an Educational Advisor for details. There is no guarantee that the courses wanted will have space available therefore choose alternate courses before registering.

Note: Not all courses listed in the NWCC calendar or on the website are offered each semester. Please refer to the timetable for a list of courses currently offered. Students are strongly encouraged to consult an Educational Advisor for assistance.

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