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ACE 170 Introduction to Mariculture Species and Techniques

The course introduces global mariculture species, techniques, economics, trends and markets in general techniques but will be especially directed towards detailed understanding of mollusk and seaweed mariculture on B.C.’s coast. Topics covered will range from intensive, extensive, and semi-intensive aquaculture in the ocean, life cycles of aquaculture species, characteristics which make a good aquaculture organism, economic and logistical feasibility and latest trends. Old and new and emerging finfish species and their culture, new echinoderm culture techniques phyto and zoo plankton culture and the currently emerging mollusk culture and its resource management implications on B.C.’s north coast will be covered in depth.

Transfer Credits 
Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide.

English 10 or ENGL 030 and Principles of Math 10 or MATH 0301/0302