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ANTH 204 Central and Southern Nations of the Northwest Coast

This course is designed to introduce students to the First Nation cultures of the central and southern northwest coast. The course will review the principles and methods of anthropological literature of this particular area. As a special case study, students will participate in field research and field excursion to the Kitlope with Elders, Chiefs, and Watchmen. Overall, the Hen’aak’sila people have a special relationship to the south, including a linguistical connection with the other Wakashan language speakers, and an important trade network with the people of Kimsquit and Bella Coola, and the Nuxalk Nation. This course format intends to provide students with a greater understanding and appreciation of the central and southern First Nations culture, oral histories, traditional ecological knowledge, territorial stewardship, and the struggle endured under colonialism. (3,0,0)

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Introductory Sociology or Cultural Anthropology