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BIOL 213 Microbiology I

Introductory Biology: bacteria, viruses, protozoa; requirements and control of bacterial growth; molecular genetics and biotechnology. Microbial ecology: methods, habitat, nutrient cycles. Systematics of Bacteria, Archaea, Protozoa. Labs will cover aseptic technique, media preparation, isolation of pure cultures. Counting methods for bacteria and viruses. Identification of bacteria by simple and differential stains, biochemical tests. Students will learn the basic biology of bacteria and viruses, will understand the role of bacteria in ecosystems. Will also gain a degree of competence in current modern lab procedures. Exposure to many different lab techniques and results interpretation will boost confidence for all experimental science courses students future curriculum. The in-class presentation will motivate students to master a portion of microbial systematics and introduce students to the requirements of public speaking. (3,3,0)

Transfer Credits 
Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide.

BIOL 101/102 with CHEM 101/102 or 121/122 recommended.