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BIOL 214 Microbiology II: Human/Microbial Interactions

This course can follow Microbiology I, but can also stand alone as an introduction to microorganisms and how they relate to human activities. Microorganisms are the tools for many profitable industrial applications and central to modern biotechnology. Students will be asked to write and present a term paper on this subject. The relationship of microorganisms to human disease will take most of the course: Immunology, clinical tests, antimicrobial drugs, epidemiology and the description of many diseases. The mechanisms of the immune response will be examined at the molecular level, so will clinical tests and drug action; hence a good base in chemistry is deemed necessary. Students will be asked to present twice to the whole class. This will stimulate mastery of the subject at hand, and introduce students to public speaking in the sciences. (3,0,0)

Transfer Credits 
Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide.

BIOL 101/102, CHEM 101/102 or 121/122 recommended.