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Video Game Design and Development

Video game design and development is challenging, but the rewards are worth it.With this unparalleled comprehensive training program, you’ll master skills that open doors to the growing video game industry.

Using a comprehensive and analytical approach to game engine architectures, this program offers you the opportunity to learn how to effectively implement game ideas.The curriculum is divided into eight modules covering five major areas of study: programming languages, mathematics skills, 3D graphics pipeline programming, real-time game engine architectures, and artificial intelligence algorithms. Developing and managing the complex environments for games and related visualization applica- tions is a challenging task, but with the right training and professional guidance, the challenge becomes much less daunting.

Upon registering, you’re given an initial eight months to complete this program. Should you need more time beyond the eight months, an extension of eight months is available with a fee of $300.

Hours: 500

Price: $2295

Course Number: CECOMP 854

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