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ENV 201 - Environmental Work Placement

This course aims to provide students the opportunity to experience approaches to applying theoretical and academic learning to practical environmental practices amongst local and regional agencies, including non-governmental community organizations, government agencies, First Nations and other relevant institutions. Students may assist professionals working with contemporary environmental issues in a number of areas including, marine/freshwater or terrestrial ecosystems, as well as, environmental education and governance. The course helps students enhance their practical knowledge, problem-solving, critical thinking, research and presentation skills, and gives students the opportunity to become acquainted with local and regional agencies. Students will engage in the practicum while becoming familiar with the rich cultural landscape of northwest British Colombia. Students will be jointly supervised by representatives of the host organization and an appointed supervisor from the college. Students are required to complete 90 hours of practicum work and to report their learning to their supervisor and discuss it with other course participants.


Minimum of one term full-time post-secondary studies in the environmental field or instructor permission. 

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