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GEOG 203 Geomorphology

Geomorphology is a one-semester course that examines the natural processes that shape the face of the Earth. It develops on some of the material covered in NWCC Geography 160. The lecture part of the course will emphasize the fundamental principles that form the basis of geomorphology, in particular the processes that are active in the natural landscape and the landforms that are a consequence. A broad overview to all Earth surface process is given, with an emphasis on those processes that are relevant to Northwestern British Columbia. The lab component of this course is equally important and is based on fieldtrips. Basic fieldwork skills are emphasized and practical situations, where government of industry seeks a geomorphologist’s opinion, are used. Topics that are covered include landform classification and interpretation, process measurements, slope stability & road engineering, and terrain stability analysis. (3,3,0)

Transfer Credits 
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GEOG 150 or 160 or GEOLOGY 157.