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ICT 118 Operating Systems II

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the UNIX operating system using Linux. Students will learn how to create; delete, copy, move, and search for information on a Unix system as well as organize information using the UNIX system file structure. They will be introduced to the screen-oriented VI editor as well as have a chance to experiment with several other editors. Students will learn how to use the BASH shell and create shell scripts, be introduced to the X Window system and its graphical user interface. They will also spend time exploring UNIX capabilities in the network environment and on the Internet. System administration, job control and printing will be covered.

Transfer Credits 
Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide.

English 12 or ENGL 050 or ENGL 055 or ENGL 053 or equivalent, or successful placement on a CAT 3 Assessment Test, and Principles of Math 10 or Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10, or MATH 031/0302 or MATH 032 or MATH 033, or successful placement on a CAT 3 Assessment Test, or equivalent, and Computer Skills: Information Technology 11, Business Computer Applications 11, or CPST 040, or BCPT 150 or CPSC 111 and ICT 108.