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ICT 212 Web Development II

Today’s web developer must know much more than the basic HTML and basic scripting languages of years past. 

This course is intended as a first course in JavaScript programming. Basic programming concepts are covered, including data representation, functions, control structures, and arrays. This is followed by detailed discussions of object-oriented programming and design issues. The bulk of the remaining material covers error handling, security, the document object model, and dynamic HTML.

Transfer Credits 
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CST Certificate Program Admission, ICT 112 – Foundations of Web Development

Textbooks and Supplies 

Required Materials/Texts:


JavaScript: The Web Technologies Series, 5th Edition, Don Gosselin

ISBN: 978-0-5387-4887-2

An e-book version is also available.


Recommended Text:


JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 6th Edition, David Flanagan

ISBN: 978-0-596-80552-4

An e-book version is also available.