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National Construction Safety Awareness Training

Whether you are just starting out, or have been in the industry for years, the information presented in this course will help you to understand what you can do to keep yourself, your co-workers and the environment you work in safe every day. This course has been accredited by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) to two (2) credits towards Gold Seal Certification upon successful completion of this course. A final mark of 100% is required in order to receive a certificate of completion.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define the key rights and responsibilities that you, your co-workers and your employer has on any worksite
  • Identify the communications that must take place on any job site to ensure safe work practices.
  • Determine the measures you need to take off the job site to make sure you're ready for work on the job site
  • Select the Personal Protective Equipment you'll be using on the job site, and how to use it effectively
  • Determine the precautions you need to take when working with workplace chemicals, including understanding WHMIS and MSDS
  • Recognize the types of hazards you may encounter on a jobsite, and how to recognize, assess and control them
  • Identify the tools, equipment and vehicles you'll be using on site and how to use them safely
  • Determine the precautions to take when working at heights, excavating and trenching, and working near powerlines

Price: $100.00

Hours: 6 hours

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