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NURS 215 Practical Nursing Bridging Lab

This course enables Practical Nurses as Northern Baccalaureate Nursing Program students to apply previously learned theory and skills and acquire additional basic psychomotor skills needed to provide nursing care to meet the role and skill level expectations to proceed in the program. This course includes laboratory instruction in psychomotor skills necessary to provide nursing care to the adult with health problems requiring hospitalization.

The learning needs for Practical Nurses vary depending on where they did their initial training and where they have clinical experience in their Nursing practice. The typical lab skill learning requirements for Practical Nurses are:

  • Sterile Dressings and wound care
  • Catheterizations
  • IV Therapy
  • IV Medications

Other lab skills may be assigned at the discretion of the Lab Instructor based on the level of knowledge and Nursing experience the Practical Nurse has.

Transfer Credits 
Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide.

Prerequisites: Graduate of a Practical Nursing Program and a current student in the Northern Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing Program.
Corequisites: Credit with a minimum "C" grade or Advanced Credit for NURS 101, NURS 102, NURS 201, NURS 203, NURS 205, NURS 210, BIOL 131, BIOL 132, BIOL 133, BIOL 220, BIOL 221, BIOL 223