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PHYS 103 Physics with Applications to Earth Science

Physics 103 is a one semester algebra based introductory survey Physics course with applications focusing on the Earth Sciences. The main topics covered are Materials, Energy Transfer and Forces. For Energy Transfer, three mechanisms are considered: Convection – Fluid Mechanics, Conduction – Waves, and Radiation – Light. Applications will be taken from the Earth Sciences. (3,0,0)

Transfer Credits 
Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide.

PHYS 11 or PHYS 040 and Principles of Math 11 or MATH 0401/0402. (Phys 12 or PHYS 050 and Principles of Math 12 or MATH 0501/0502 or MATH 111 recommended.) Corequisites GEOG 160 or GEOL 157 recommended.