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SCIE 033 Intermediate Science (Health)

This course is equivalent to Grade 10 Science and may be used as a credit toward the Intermediate Certificate. It contains an introduction to scientific methodology, biology, chemistry and physics, preparing students for further studies in the sciences. The format of this course is geared especially toward students hoping to go into a Health field, such as nursing or laboratory technologist. It includes an appreciation of First Nations culture and how science relates to First Nations approaches and knowledge.


Prerequisites: MATH 0201/0202 or Math 9; and ENGL 020 or English 9 or placement at the 030 level.
Corequisites: MATH 0301/0302 or MATH 032 or MATH 032 or MATH 033 or Principles of Math 10; and ENGL 030 or ENGL 032 or English 10.