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SEA 158 Special Education Assistant - Practicum lI

This 90-hour practicum continues to prepare students for work as special education assistants in the school system by integrating theory with practical experience.  Practicum II emphasizes competencies for SEA’s working in the classroom environment with a focus on augmentative communication and curriculum modification and adaptation skills. More advanced skills in data gathering and writing, guiding and caring, and collaboration will also be emphasized. Nine hours of practicum seminars, held at the beginning, middle and end of practicum, provide students with support and guidance for their field practice. Students will create individual Professional Development Plans and record progress toward their practicum goals through various assignments and activities.   

Transfer Credits 
Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide.

Prerequisites:  SEA 115, SEA 117, SEA 155, SEA 156, SEA 157, SEA 112, SEA 153, SEA 114
Corequisite: SEA 10