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TOUR 112 Introduction to Sustainable Tourism

This course addresses the relationship between tourism activity and conservation issues, with special attention to the impact of cultural, educational and adventure tourism on natural environments and local communities. Central concepts of sustainability and development in working with communities, other resource based industries, and visitors to northwest environments and ecosystems are studied. Considerations will be given to growing movements in tourism such as “geotourism”, “sustainable tourism”, and “eco/cultural tourism.” Through a variety of readings and activities, students will develop a perspective on the ethical issues related to environmental stewardship, and will develop an inventory of sustainable tourism practices.  Planning and management strategies to maximize benefits and minimize impact to ecosystems, communities, and visits are addressed. The roles of various agencies and organizations managing natural resources are examined in terms of their tourism/outdoor recreation roles.

Transfer Credits 
Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide.

Math 11 or MATH 0401/0402 and English 12 or ENGL 050 or ENGL 055 or CAT 3 assessment.