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This first aid course gives students a WCB Occupational Level I Endorsement. 

This endorsement is required for all Level 1 and 2’s who work more than 20 minutes from the hospital.

This course includes all material covered in the emergency First Aid course plus injuries due to heat and cold, poisons, medical conditions, bone and joint injuries, head and spinal injuries and moving and transportation of the injured. This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of emergency care and first aid. Cardiopulmonary...

This is the Canadian Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid course. Included are CPR Level B, patient assessments, and, how to treat injuries and illnesses in a remote setting without immediate access to emergency medical services. 

This course is designed for workers who require a thorough understanding of fall-from-height hazards and issues on worksites. The course addresses human  and legal requirements for fall protection; introduces the proper procedures for several types of fall protection systems; teaches the proper selection, usage,  limitations, maintenance and...

  • TER Sep 28 (2017) 8:30am-3:30pm
  • TER Nov 16 (2017) 8:30am-3:30pm
  • RUP Nov 24 (2017) 8:30am-3:30pm
  • TER Dec 12 (2017) 8:30am-3:30pm

This course will present an overview of the 20th century film and will include: the role of the audience in producing meaning; understanding film in social, political, economic, historical, cultural and technological contexts; film as Art form; the documentary; the treatment of women in film; Hollywood; world film; Canadian film; and music in...


The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the art and language of cinema. The overall goal is to teach students the styles and functions of various types of cinema, and to link the subject of art to the social, political, technological, cultural and economic movements of the late 20 th century and early 21 st century. (3,0,0)


To acquire firearms in Canada you require a PAL, formerly known as the Firearms Acquisition Certificate. To apply for a PAL you must prove you have successfully completed a course or test in the safe handling and use of firearms and the laws relating to them. Successful completion of this class enables participants to submit their application...

  • SMI Sep 30-Oct 1 (2017) (Sa) 8am-6pm & (Su) 8:30am-2pm
  • SMI Nov 18-19 (2017) (Sa) 8am-6pm & (Su) 8:30am-2pm

Topics covered in this course include the new Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) with emphasis on handguns, the evolution of firearms, major parts and types, basic firearms safety practices, ammunition, operating handgun actions, safe handling and carrying procedures, handgun firing techniques, care of handguns including...

  • SMI Nov 25 (2017)

Learn the basic skills and concepts to supervise a crew in the residential, institutional, commerical and civil construction sectors.

Price: $400.00

This course explores the language of local First Nations where the Art Access Program is delivered and is intended to empower aspiring artists to understand and use key terms and phrases relevant to indigenous art in traditional tongues.

First Nations Art Work Experience is an experiential, participatory course where students will be directly instructed by a professional artist who is versed in the ways of Northwest indigenous Art. Students will be taught concepts and immediately apply them in a physical way such as carving, painting, dancing or singing under the supervision...

First Nations Art Culture is a course designed to familiarize students with the links between First Nations culture and the art produced by ancient and modern Northwest artists. The course will explore local indigenous culture and enable students to reflect on how culture influences the art they have created in the past or aspire to produce....

This course will prepare students for learning in a practical workshop environment and will include Occupational First Aid Level One, shop safety including the safe use of shop tools, safe body mechanics, and personal safety equipment, chainsaw handling, safe practices and personal protection.

This course will introduce the learner to the basic elements of form characteristic of Northwest Coast Art. Students will examine the forms and relationships that typify the Northwest Coast Art style using traditional materials to develop their visual literacy.

This course will introduce the learner to the application of the basic elements of body forms and colour characteristic of Northwest Coast Art as applied to traditional crests, designs, drawings, figures of the Northwest Coast Art style.

This course is designed to introduce the learner to the art of tool making resulting in the production of a series of metal carving tools to be used for their First Nations arts projects. Students will learn the proper care, maintenance and handling of their hook, knives, and adzes as part of the learning process.

This course is designed to introduce the learner to various woods, their uses, and application. Practical application will enable the learners to become proficient in the use of various carving tools and will result in the production of a number of elementary projects.

This course is designed to introduce the learner to various woods, their uses, and application. Practical application will enable the learners to become proficient in the use of various carving tools and will result in the production of an elementary project.



This course is designed to increase the learner's ability to work on a more complex and larger scale wood carving project - traditional spoon. Students will be required to participate in a legacy project to be showcased with Northwest Community College.