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Criminology Diploma


The Criminology Diploma is a fully accredited, 2-year program that prepares graduates with a comprehensive grounding in criminology/criminal justice issues.

It is the most flexible Criminology credential in that it maximizes transfer options to other institutions. Popular transfer option include:  

  1. Transfer into the third year of a university degree program to obtain a BA in Criminology (e.g. SFU, UFV)
  2. Transfer into the third year of the Forensic Sciences program at BCIT to obtain a BTECH in Forensic Sciences.

Transfer options depend upon the elective courses chosen in the Criminology Diploma. Students are encouraged to meet with an Educational Advisor to plan a course schedule in order to meet the requirements of receiving institutions. Some courses are only offered every other year and course requirements are subject to change.

Visit NWCC's Criminology Program for more information, including degree partnerships and career opportuinities.  

Program Outline 

Courses are offered face-to-face, by video-conference and online.  

See below. Courses marked with * are offered online; courses marked with ^ are offered through video conferencing. 

ENGL 101 University Writing 3
ENGL XXX  Any first year ENGL 3
POLI XXX Any first year or second year Political Science 3
CRIM 101* Introduction to Criminology 3
CRIM 103* Psychology of Crime and Deviance 3
CRIM 104* Understanding Crime Deviance and Society 3
CRIM 131* Introduction to the Criminal Justice System 3
CRIM 135* Introduction to Canadian Law 3
Crim 213* Women and Crime  3
CRIM 230* Criminal Law in Canada 3
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology I 3
SOCI 102 Introduction to Sociology II 3
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology I 3
PSYC 102 Introduction to Psychology II 3
PSYC XXX Any first or second year Psychology 3
Plus 3 University Credit Elective courses 9
Plus 2 University Credit or SSW Elective courses 6

Note: Some courses are offered every other year.  Speak with an Educational Advisor to plan your course schedule.

Admission Requirements 
  1. Apply direct to the University Credit Program.
  2. Submit proof of English 12 or equivalent.
  3. Once admitted, register in the courses required for the Criminology Program.

English proficiency is required for all students entering NWCC programs. Please visit our English Language Alternatives page to see how this requirement can be met. 

University Transfer Requirements

Additional course prerequisites may be required if you plan to transfer to a laddering program after completing your credential (e.g. SFU for a BA in Criminology or BCIT for a BTECH in Forensic Sciences.)  Course prerequisites may include:

  • Biology 11
  • Chemistry 11
  • Math 11

Students missing prerequisites may enrol in Career & College Preparation (CCP) upgrading courses while completing the program.

Need help with the application process?  Contact an Educational Advisor.

Dates and Locations 

Intakes:  September and January.

Campus locations:  Terrace, Prince Rupert and Smithers.

Study on a full or part-time basis.  Some courses are available online and by teleconference.

Note: not all courses are offered at every campus. Speak with an Educational Advisor for assistance with course selection.

Program Fees