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BC Hydro Power Smart

$2 000.00

Just as we work hard to build a bright energy future, we know there are students in B.C. who are working to grow their schools and communities. BC Hydro is proud to recognize these future leaders and role models with scholarships. We look to build the next generation of engineers, electricians, and many other key roles who will help us deliver clean energy for generations. We are thrilled to support students who are not only committed to a post-secondary education but who are good examples of how to maintain a healthy life balance. 

Visit BC Hydro's website to learn more: BC Hydro Scholarships

Trades programs Diploma and degree programs
Foundations, Electricians, Mechanics, Machinists, Industrial Mechanics, Automotive Service Tech, Construction Craft Worker, Electric Motor Systems Tech, Heavy Equipment Operator, Crane Operator, Power Line Tech, Truck and Transport Mechanic, Utility Arborist. Engineering (mechanical/civic/electrical), Business, Finance, Communications, First Nations Studies, Environmental Studies, Law, Archaeology, Human Resources, Biology, Project Management, Marketing, Math, Technology, Physics.
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