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Library and NWCC ID Cards

How do I get a library card?
Cards are free. Visit your campus library. Remote students can request a card by phone 1.877.277.2288 or e-mail. If you get a NWCC ID card, it will be your library card also.

Can I get a card if I'm not a student or employee of NWCC?
Yes and it's free. Visit your local campus library.

I lost my library card. Is there a replacement fee?

How do I get a NWCC ID card?
Students and employees are entitled to NWCC ID cards. ID photographs are taken in your campus library, except in Terrace where they are taken at Registration. Cards are produced on the Terrace campus. If you're attending another campus please expect to wait about a week before your card is ready for you to pick up at your campus library. If you had a library card, you may discard it; your ID card is also a library card.

I lost my ID card. Is there a replacement fee?

How do I renew my expired ID card?
Please visit your campus library with your ID card. A renewal decal will be applied to your card.

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