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Bolivia Partner Visits NWCC

Nur University, one of Northwest Community College's (NWCC) partner institutions in its CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) funded project Integrated Rural Development (IRD) in Bolivia, will be visiting the College later this month. Nur University representative, Juanita de Hernandez, will be traveling to the northwest as part of the project from May 14-19. She will be meeting with various bodies throughout the region to discuss the project and the structure of the curriculum being developed and utilized by the project team in Bolivia. "Juanita is here to share her expertise and substantial experience in the delivery of this successful alternative high school curriculum for rural communities in Bolivia," explains NWCC Dean, and lead administrator for the IRD project, Arlene Herman. The objective of the College's CIDA project is poverty reduction and the tool to achieve this objective is a unique high school curriculum called SAT (Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial or Tutorial Learning System). Originally developed in Colombia, the SAT curriculum has won several prestigious awards including the "Change the World" award from the Club of Budapest (2002) calling SAT "the most innovative educational revolution of the twentieth century." The curriculum has also met with great success in Colombia and other countries where it has been implemented. "We are currently in our second year of this four year project," states NWCC President, Stephanie Forsyth. "Last year, Julio Alvarez of NWCC spent 5 months assisting in the setting up of SAT and using the SAT curriculum to deliver literacy education in 7 project communities. The success to date has been very encouraging and we believe SAT holds potential for our rural communities in the northwest." Juanita de Hernandez, a key member of the team working with Nur University, is an author and co-author of several books, and an accomplished education scholar. She has worked in Latin America for many years as a consultant and educator. de Hernandez will be in Terrace from May 14 - 16 and in Prince Rupert from May 17 - 19. NWCC's IRD project is being implemented through a unique 3-way partnership between NWCC and two Bolivian organizations: Nur University (a leading private university in Santa Cruz, Bolivia) and FUNDESIB (a NGO located in Cochabamba, Bolivia).

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