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Culinary arts students vie for burger bragging rights

TERRACE Second year culinary arts students at Northwest Community College (NWCC) compete today from 5-7 p.m. in hopes of having their creation chosen as the cafeterias new signature burger. About 20 students have taken up the challenge for what is being called the Signature Burger Contest, says Kerry Clarke, NWCCs new Director of Food Services and Special Events. Its created a lot of excitement, said Clarke. Its good for the cafeteria and the students get this. Clarke says it is common practice for eating establishments to have signature burgers and getting the students involved in creating one at the Terrace Campus cafeteria just makes sense. The students started their preparations last week, presenting their projects technical sheet to culinary arts coordinator Jonathan Bull, who made sure the students were on the right track. Students have carte blanche so long as the ingredients they choose will allow the burger to conform to campus friendly pricing, adds Clarke. The contest will be judged by a panel of five judges and students will be asked to describe their burger and its attributes. Clarke says the format is designed to see how the students respond to being out of their comfort zone. Each contestant will make four burgers; one will be presented visually on a plate with a side salad, another will be divided up between the judges and the other two will be divided up into samples for the audience. Certificates for the top three will be awarded and the burger deemed to be best by judges will become the cafeterias new signature burger and the winning contestant will have naming rights for the creation and will explain the significance of the name. Clarke, originally from the U.K. and with an extensive background in fine dining, said this is just one of a series of initiatives to make the eating choices at the cafeteria healthier and also to create a buzz around the menu on and off campus. The cafeteria now offers sushi on Tuesdays and Thursdays, sells fresh artisan bread each Friday morning and plans to overhaul the short order menu.

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