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Healthy eating the buzz words this week at NWCC

TERRACE Northwest Community College (NWCC) is celebrating Healthy Eating Week at its Terrace Campus all week thanks to a unique collaboration between students in two programs that know a little something about nutrition. Aiming to promote healthy eating to their fellow students, nursing and culinary arts students put their heads together last month to alter the cafeteria menus this week, in what is being promoted as Healthy Eating Week. Working in five groups with students from each program, they created healthy menus for each day of the week. Nutrition is an important part of both programs and it just made sense to get both groups in the same classroom with two instructors, Germaine Mistry and Chef Darlene Godfrey, to work on putting together a healthy eating week, said Kerry Clarke, NWCC Director of Ancillary Services. Working from the menus created, culinary students will be preparing the food that the students have brought forward to represent healthy eating. In addition, nursing students will be presenting static displays about healthy eating and taking blood pressures readings from volunteers in the cafeteria. Professional Cook 1 student Taien Creed said its been a great experience working with the nursing students, bringing what each cohort has learned when it comes to nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle. And in what might be a first for a college cafeteria, the deep fryers will not be turned on all day this Friday, what Clarke is dubbing Fryless Friday. It should be very interesting, says Clarke, who knows some students will be disappointed. There is nothing wrong with fried foods in moderation and this week of activity and menu items is just showcasing how healthy eating doesn't compromise on taste. Guests of the cafeteria this week will be asked to complete a survey with a chance at a daily draw for a $10 cafeteria card asking what they learned from the week and what improvement it has made in their eating.

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