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Henry family of Kitsumkalum donates to NWCCs Waap Galtsap

TERRACE Members of the Henry family of Kitsumkalum have made a generous donation of $5,000 towards the Waap Galtsap longhouse on Northwest Community Colleges Terrace Campus. Fourteen members of the Henry family were present for the Colleges Board of Governors meeting Feb. 18, where their donation toward the project was recognized. Kitsumkalum Laxgyibuu Clan Matriarch Vera Dudoward (n‚e Henry) said she and members of the Henry Family made the donation towards Waap Galtsap in memory of their parents Vera and Charles Henry. Vera Henry was the Laxgyibuu Matriarch on the territory where Waap Galts'ap is situated. Education was a big priority with our parents and learning is a lifelong event, said Dudoward. At every opportunity they shared their knowledge with anyone who asked and in any and all educational venues in many communities. The Henry family chose to donate towards a great cause that commemorates their lifelong achievements. Dudoward, who calls on others to contribute to the project, adds that Terrace and the NWCC community are fortunate to have the luxury of a modern-day longhouse in which to teach and educate. Waap Galts'ap not only portrays a rich culture of the Northwest First Nations people, as noted through the artwork, but is also a house of learning for all cultures, she said. Interim President Cathay Sousa stated, The College community has embraced the magnificent facility that is Waap Galtsap. On behalf of Northwest Community College, I wish to thank the Henry family for their donation and their unwavering support of the project from beginning to end. If you would like to donate to NWCCs Waap Galtsap, please contact Kristine Kofoed at 250.638.5470.

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