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Advanced Education Minister Murray Coell will be visiting Northwest Community College (NWCC) on September 11 to meet with NWCC President Stephanie Forsyth and tour the Terrace campus. "We are looking forward to welcoming Minister Coell to the Northwest and our College," states Forsyth. "This is an opportunity to familiarize him with our facilities, program areas, and the many issues facing students in the northwest." "NWCC provides accessible and responsive programs that meet the needs of students and the local economy, and contribute to our government's goal of making B.C. the best educated, most literate place in North America," said Coell. "I'm looking forward to meeting staff, students and faculty on my tour." The College's culinary arts students will be showcasing their program with a specially prepared lunch of First Nations cuisine. NWCC is the only public post-secondary institution in the province to offer a two-year Culinary Arts program and includes a focus on First Nations cuisine at the second year diploma level. 76% of the students in the Culinary Arts program are of First Nations descent. The Minister's visit marks the second visit by Ministry of Advanced Education officials in the last month. Deputy Minister Moura Quayle, Assistant Deputy Minister Students and Learning Division Tom Vincent, and Assistant Deputy Minister Post-Secondary Education Division Ruth Wittenberg all spent the day with the College on August 29. "This was their first visit to the College and a great opportunity to build relationships and discuss challenges," concludes Forsyth.

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