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New Instructors Join Smithers Campus

Northwest Community College's (NWCC) Smithers Campus will have two new instructors beginning this fall, both of whom are from the North. Tyler McCreary grew up in Smithers and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Masters Degree in Geography from the University of Saskatchewan. Along with his recent educational achievements, McCreary is also involved in various community services such as volunteering for Oxfam Canada and being host and webmaster for Making the Links Radio, a community radio program covering international and local issues in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. McCreary has spent the summer in Guatemala and will be teaching Geography 112 and Political Science 101 at NWCC. His academic research has covered such topics as anti-racism in education and access to food in impoverished communities and will be used to inform and enrich his classroom teachings. Education needs to provide support to build a critical understanding among students of our world and how it operates, states McCreary. This understanding is vital to producing engaged and aware citizens who will have the skills to actively participate within society and address the problems that face the community. Mitch Verde will be coming to Smithers from the Nass where he has been teaching psychology at Wilp Wilxooskwhl Nisgaa. Verde has a very diverse range of past experience having worked in the logging, fishing, and mining industries and being the first person of aboriginal descent to graduate from UNBC. He ran a successful martial arts club in Prince George for eight years and is currently working on a number of books, one about spirituality and one about Bigfoot. Verdes real passion is for psychology, both teaching and implementing in a therapeutic environment. He has extensive experience in the field having worked as a counsellor, administrator, and consultant and will be teaching Sociology 206 and Psychology 101 and 201 at NWCC. My impression is that northern students benefit most from an eclectic approach and all of the approaches to psychology are promoted in my courses as contributing to modern day psychology, states Verde. Understanding oneself and others requires development of critical thinking skills and these skills will be pursued in my classes. We are very pleased to welcome Tyler and Mitch to our team of instructors here at the College, states NWCC Dean of University Credit and Senior Instructional Officer, Katherine McIndoe. Each of them comes with extensive experience in their fields and an ability to bring their subject matter to life through real life accounts and references - all of which makes for a very interactive and engaging learning experience for their students.

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