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NWCC carpentry students help to better campus

Northwest Community College (NWCC) carpentry instructors and students are helping to solve a traffic trouble spot on the campuss northeast corner. Thats the site of a parking lot that serves the campus daycare centre. Trouble is, it has long been used by drivers as a thoroughfare with no impediment to cars speeding diagonally across the lot towards the trades building, or Waap Amgam. We wanted to implement a long-term solution to the traffic problem near the daycare, says Cindy Harmel, NWCCs director of facilities maintenance. Historically, we've had many drivers speed diagonally across this parking lot to get to the trades parking area and it poses a problem for the staff and tots in the daycare. Enlisted to fix the problem were carpentry instructor Dick Coxford and his carpentry foundation students. The work called for the building of a concrete barrier meridian. This job is a small but unique opportunity for our students. Its right on campus, it will be a lasting project and its the kind of hands-on training instructors are always looking to give their students, said Coxford. While Harmel expects the use of concrete barriers will be effective, she adds it wouldnt be very nice looking. Therefore, once this part of the project is complete, the next phase will be to put some fruit plantings and shrubs in the new islands.

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