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NWCC staffer wins national award

PRINCE RUPERT Northwest Community Colleges (NWCC) Terri Lynne Huddlestone has been recognized for her long association with Parent Advisory Councils. For a second time, she is the recipient of the Canadian Home and School Federation National Volunteer Recognition Award. The award was presented to Huddlestone at the Canadian Home and School Federation AGM held in Kelowna on June 4, where she was representing the Board of Breakfast for Learning presented on behalf of this group at the Canadian Home and School Federation board meeting. Huddlestone has proudly represented parents at the local, district, provincial and national levels. She served as the BC representative to the Canadian Home and School Federation for seven years and during this time she also served on the Advisory Committee for Health and Learning, the Directorate Advisory SH and became a Breakfast for Learning Board member, a title she still holds today. I believe that parents should be active participants in their children's education, said Huddlestone, NWCC Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Student Services & Instruction. Wendy Prystay, Prince Rupert Campus Manager, said Huddlestones colleagues are proud of her and understand just how unusual it is for a person to receive a national honour more than once. Huddlestone is currently a trustee of Prince Rupert School District 52 and has served the school district as a representative of the District Parent Advisory Council and at the school on the Parent Advisory Council. NWCC employees are encouraged to set an example and get involved in community volunteerism, said Prystay. Terri Lynne is deserving of this recognition because she brings a passion for education to her work at the College and in her volunteer activities.

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