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Big wheelers are rolling again at Northwest Community College thanks to a new partnership the College has created with Taylor Professional Driving Ltd. Together the two organizations are offering Class One (1) Basic, Class One (1) Professional, Advanced Class One (1) Professional, Air Brake, and Class Three (3) training. Training consists of in-class and one-on-one instruction. We are pleased to again be offering Professional Driver training, states NWCC Dean of Continuing Education & Industry Training, Margo Van der Touw. The industry is saying 37,000 new drivers are needed nation wide every year until 2008 just to maintain the country's current economy so there is plenty of employment opportunity for those interested in this area of work. Taylor Professional Driving Ltd, has been training drivers for over 7 years in Prince George and Kelowna, training students from all over BC, and have partnered with other post-secondary institutions in the past, College of New Caledonia being the most recent. The goal at Taylor Professional Driving is to provide professional driver training by keeping it simple and preparing professional drivers with the skills needed in today's trucking industry, states company president, Robb Taylor. Driver training is currently being offered in Terrace but requests are being taken from all communities within the Colleges service area. Registration is on-going. The trucking industry is a strong and growing economic sector, states NWCC President Stephanie Forsyth. Truck transportation is a major mode of distribution for goods and products in Canada with the industry existing in every community that is accessible by roads. The transient nature of the business means employment and economic contributions are received in all areas of the province and country. Current economic initiatives occurring here in the northwest, such as the expansion of the container port and increased mining and exploration activities, will add to the need for transportation workers. This training will ensure our local workforce is able to take advantage of new and existing employment opportunities.

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