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Talking trades at Smithers NWCC campus

SMITHERS/HOUSTON - Trades careers from getting started to the rewards and challenges in the field will be the focal point of a panel hosted at Northwest Community College (NWCC) Smithers Campus next week. The panel, scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 23 from 1:30 to 3pm, comprises people representing a variety of trades, from plumbing to heavy equipment operating. The panel is organized by the Employment and Training Service Providers Committee made up of local service providers, such as Community Futures of Nadina, WCG International and NWCC. The committee meets once a month to share ideas and network information. Since its inception two years ago, it has also has organizing monthly Ramp-Up to Employment events related to training, employment maintenance and industry. This Junes Ramp-Up to Employment event included a field trip to the NWCC School of Exploration and Minings (SEM) Camp Ganokwa. It focused on how to enter the Mining Industry and tips on successfully finding entry-level positions. Students from SEM in the Workforce Exploration Skills Training (WEST) program met service providers and their clients for an afternoon of learning and fun. Through partnership, collaboration and innovation, the committee works to offer opportunities for the service providers and their clients and students to participate in information sessions with guest speakers regarding current news, trends, techniques or training for employment, said Regina Saimoto, NWCCs Campus Principal for its Smithers and Houston campuses. The purpose of such a group is to keep up-to-date with local opportunities and to increase local employment and relevant training for those that need it. In the Bulkley Valley, NWCC offers local trades opportunities. In 2012, the College will offer the Heavy Equipment Operator Foundation program, followed by the Heavy Equipment Technician program in Smithers, plus a Primary Care Paramedic Training course and Do It Yourselves Trades sessions. Also in 2012, the Carpentry Foundations program will be offered in Houston. Next weeks panel will feature a handful of local trades people addressing how they got started in the field. There will be a question and answer period followed by an informal networking session, where the audience and the panel can mingle over some donated refreshments and snacks, thanks to the support of BV Wholesale. One of the panellists is Brian Badge, NWCC Trades Chair. He will discuss the rewards and challenges of a career in trades. Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the panel, said Saimoto. His sharing his passion and knowledge of the trades industry with our community will greatly benefit those with interest in the field. Our hope, as employment and training service providers, is to create links between those that are interested in trades and local training, and potential employment. We want to connect those that are thinking about trades with those that are already in the industry. To register for this free event, or for more information, contact Community Futures of Nadina at 250.847.1389.

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