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ICT 260 Capstone Project

The learning outcomes for this course correspond with most of the learning units described for the upper level courses in the IS 2002 model curriculum. The project emphasizes both a creative and critical thinking process and is designed to utilize and challenge the technical, managerial, and communication skills of students. The project is a team effort and allows a final opportunity to practice personal and interdependence skills to ensure team member empowerment and success.

Project management tools will be employed by the team to ensure tracking of the project and communication of project goals and accomplishments to the client. Automated development tools may or may not be used depending on available resources. However, standards will be developed for all project deliverables. Software quality assurance methodologies will be employed to ensure a successful outcome for the project. On-going presentation of project planning, analysis, design, conversion plan, and other documentation will be done by the team. Each team member should play a significant role in some aspect of presentation.

Two to three weeks of the course will be spent with programming instructors to learn the integration of software and database. These instructors will provide the student with the programming assistance they need throughout the project.

Transfer Credits 
Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide.

Completion of Information and Communications Technology Certificate (ICT Certificate) and Foundations of Math 11 or Pre-Calculus 11, MATH 0401/0402, MATH 043 or MATH 046 or equivalent and successful placement on a CAT 3 Assessment Test and completion or concurrent registration in all other courses in the ICT Diploma Program.