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CPST 055 Provincial Level Computer Studies

The Computer Studies 055 course is an option for the CCP Provincial Level Certificate. This is a computer studies application course that will help students develop problem solving and critical thinking skills while learning about both current and emerging online technologies. Students will participate in projects to evaluate crowd-sourcing sites and analyze topics such as internet safety and security issues, and effective use of email. Students will also gain skills in personal online knowledge management, Twittering, Vlogging, and podcasting. Students will also participate in wikis and blogging, and prepare reports on computer topics including as part of web 2.0, cloud computing, mobile computing, mash-ups, BlueTooth, and wireless devices and hardware. In addition, students will demonstrate their knowledge by building and showcasing a personal e-portfolio.

Transfer Credits 
Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide.

CPST 040 and ENGL 030 or equivalent