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ESL 100 ESL Tutor Training

This course is designed to train volunteer tutors from the community to work with adult ESL learners in a non-classroom setting. Because the goals of the ELSAP program are to assist adult immigrants obtain language and literacy skills as well as help them in the process of adapting to a new language and culture, the tutor training will focus on settlement and adaptation issues as well as on language learning.
Tutors and learners are also eligible to attend special group sessions and field trips when scheduled in order to build up a social network among learners. Group sessions and field trips will be scheduled according to group needs and schedules and will focus on topics of interest to learners: e.g. hospital visit, recreation centre visit, potluck dinner, parenting speakers, speakers from public health, etc. Tutors are asked to give a commitment of tutoring for at least 4 months, if possible.


English 11 or ENGL 040 or ENGL 043 or ENGL 045 or placement at the Provincial English Level