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Northwest Community College's Supporting Spirit

Northwest Community College's 'Spirit of Learning Bear' was unveiled today at City Hall in Terrace. The Bear is part of the BC Lions Society's Easter Seal Operations 'Spirit Bears In The City' Fundraising Campaign. "We have chosen to participate in this campaign for many reasons," explains Stephanie Forsyth, President of Northwest Community College. "The work of the BC Lions Society benefits every community, providing support for disabled children around the province. The Spirit Bear itself is a legendary figure in First Nations culture and an important part of this region of BC. Our participation allows us to support a vital charity organization as well as educate and raise awareness of what this now official provincial mammal emblem means to this region and its First Nations people." The design and artwork for the College's bear came from three college employees, Lynne Nordstrom, Roxanne Ridler and Ali McDougall. Together they developed the concept for the 'Spirit of Learning Bear' as well as supplying the artistic talent that transferred the vision to the canvas. The paintings on the Bear depict the College's Education Unity Pole sitting amoung Spruce, Cedar, Birch, and Jack Pine trees. Each tree is the name of a building on the College's Terrace campus. The buildings were renamed in 2003 and given the Tsimshian translations of Waap Sa'mn, Waap Amgam, Waap Haawk, and Waap Sginiis in acknowledgement and respect of the traditional territory on which the campus resides. The Bear will be returned to the Terrace campus and be on display in the general office of the Spruce/Waap Sa'mn building until collected and auctioned off in the fall by the BC Lions Society.

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