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NWCC prepares for the Canada Winter Games

Northwest Community Colleges Culinary Arts Program Coordinator Randy Chalifoux will be traveling to Whitehorse in November in preparation of 2007 Canada Winter Games. Earlier this year Yukon College, hospitality host for the Games, requested the assistance of NWCCs Culinary Arts program. November's meeting will have Chalifoux meeting with organizers and officials to tour the site and facilities and finalize schedule and planning activities. "There is a lot of preparation needed for an event this size," explains Chalifoux. "This meeting will give me a chance to see the facilities first hand and know exactly what the logistics will be." The amount of people participating in the Games includes 3,600 athletes, coaches and managers, 400 major officials, 600-800 VIPs and Corporate sponsors, with 100,000 day visits to venues. It is estimated that between 5,000 and 6,000 meals will be prepared each day with over 210,000 meals served in total. Chalifoux and approximately 21 second year Culinary Arts students will travel to Whitehorse on February 19, returning March 11. "This is a once in a lifetime career opportunity for our students," explains Chalifoux. "It is a rare occurrence to be involved with an event this size and the experience gained will be invaluable to the students learning and skill development. As well as honing their culinary skills the work they do at the Games will fulfill the work practicum requirements of the program. The experience will be a real resume booster." In a career spanning over 30 years, this will be only the second time Chalifoux himself has been part of an event this size. The first was back in 1978 at the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton. His experience and expertise will be utilized by the organizers of the games to ensure all aspects of providing hospitality to crowds of this size are identified and addressed. "It is great that our students have been given the chance to be part of such a nationally significant event," states Stephanie Forsyth, NWCC President. "As well as the applied practical experience students will be getting they will also be acting as ambassadors not only of the College and their communities, but also of the public college system. BC colleges and the Yukon frequently look for opportunities to work together. This summer NWCC partnered with four different colleges to offer the Mining Exploration Field Assistant program. The Winter Games is yet another example of our support for each other."

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