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Northern Savings Credit Union Awards Presented

Five NWCC students have been selected as the first recipients of Northern Savings Credit Union's (NSCU) "Made in the Northwest" Awards to assist students enrolled in Northwest Community College's (NWCC) Applied Coastal Ecology Program (ACE) and Culinary Arts Program (CA) in furthering their education at the College. 2nd year ACE student Wade Kennedy and 1st year CA students Teresa Moore and Stolly Collision each received $1,000 with 1st year ACE students Erin Dowd and Julia Daly receiving $500 each. Both programs were chosen by NSCU for their distinctive design and fit with the economic, social, environmental, and cultural needs of people and communities of the northwest region. "Our credit union is pleased to assist students who choose to pursue their studies in the northwest," states Northern Savings CEO, Mike Tarr. "We congratulate this year's recipients and wish them and all NWCC students much success in their studies. Furthermore, NWCC is to be commended for developing programs pertinent to the area. The ACE and Culinary Arts programs are unique and they draw deserved attention to our beautiful region. Credit unions are community-based businesses, committed to the communities and the people they serve. These financial awards are just one way we are working to build stronger communities." "This generous contribution from Northern Savings Credit Union is greatly appreciated and really helps our students," states NWCC President, Stephanie Forsyth. "Every year we have many students seeking to gain the skills and training they need to make a contribution to the workforce in the northwest, and unfortunately, many cannot find the funds they require to support themselves and their families while attending college. Up to 15% of applicants to the College were not able to register this year as a result of insufficient living funds. This represents a huge loss to the economy. The support of community organizations such as the NSCU not only helps students acquire the funds they need to access training and education but also contributes to the economic development of our region by creating a locally trained and job ready workforce."

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