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NWCC Brings Emergency Response Training To Northwest

Northwest Community College (NWCC) Continuing Education & Industry Training department has partnered with the Terrace Fire Department to bring two much needed fire suppressant training courses to the North. The courses are part of the Justice Institute of BC's (JIBC) Fire Protection and Investigation training series. The Justice Institute is one of many post-secondary institutions that works collaboratively with Northwest Community College. The courses are Fire Investigator - Fire Cause and Origin I and II and will be offered from May 25 - 31 at NWCC's Terrace campus. In attendance will be firefighters and emergency crews from the communities of Kitimat, Prince Rupert, Smithers, Terrace, and Thornhill. "I am excited about the future of this program," states Terrace Fire Department Chief Peter Weeber. "Northwest Community College really went above and beyond to make this training available to northwest fire departments. This new partnership with NWCC will give us access to training that has been historically out of our reach due to cost." "It's important that emergency crews have access in the north to the best possible training, explains Stephanie Forsyth, president of Northwest Community College. "Previously, cost has been a barrier to ensuring our crews have access to a wide range of training. Building upon our long standing relationship with the Terrace Fire Department and pooling our resources has opened the door to expanded training opportunities." Part one of the training is based in the classroom introducing students to the role and responsibilities of the fire investigator, examine legislative framework, legal and regulatory requirements and applicable standards. They will examine the basic methodology of fire investigations, fundamentals of fire science, fire scene safety and security, burn pattern analysis, evidence collection, documentation of the investigation and fire cause determination. The second course builds on the skills and knowledge of the previous and includes more hands-on practical skills development associated with fire investigation as required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1033 standard. Students practice the organization and planning of a fire investigation, securing of a fire scene, and the preservation, collection, transportation and storage of evidence. They will also participate in a fire scene examination and prepare/present final investigation findings. To provide a realistic fire scene a structure will be built and burned at the Terrace campus of Northwest Community College.

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