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NWCC Grad Becomes One of Chosen Few

A Northwest Community College (NWCC) University Credit program graduate has been accepted into BCIT's Medical Radiography program - a program that accepts only 64 applicants from a pool of hundreds. Durand Dunsmore of Terrace enrolled in NWCC's University Credit program to obtain his Associate Degree in Science with his sights set on becoming a doctor. During his studies Dunsmore shifted his focus to medical radiography as a way to obtain employment that would support his dream of becoming a doctor. "I have always wanted to work in a hospital setting helping people who are injured or sick," explains Dunsmore. "I also felt that obtaining my diploma in medical radiography would aid me in applying and getting accepted into medical school." Entrance requirements to the Radiography program include volunteer experience in a patient related environment; physical, personality, and career testing; personal interviews; and a clinical orientation. The academic requirements are at the high school level but Dunsmore went beyond that and earned an Associate Degree to increase his chances of getting accepted into the program. "I feel that because I had two years of education behind me it made me an excellent candidate for the program," states Dunsmore. "The program is extremely intensive and I feel that taking two full years of courses at NWCC has prepared me for the program. I felt I was ahead of many of the applicants because I already have my Associate Degree in Science and a good idea of what will be expected of me." "Durand is a great example of the role education and the College play in reaching one's goals," states NWCC President, Stephanie Forsyth. "There is intense competition in many fields of study and by utilizing the advantages of the College - small class sizes that provide more student-teacher interaction and support, lower costs, excellent transition and acclimatization into larger post-secondary institutions - students gain the competitive advantage required to succeed in the larger post-secondary environment." Dunsmore will be starting his program next January. After completing his diploma in Medial Radiography he plans to work part-time as a Radiographer and attend either SFU or UBC and obtain a degree in bio chemistry. From there he has plans to volunteer as a Radiographer in hospitals overseas and then apply to medical school to one day become a surgeon.

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