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High school students get a temporary taste of college campus life

PRINCE RUPERT From now until the end of June, Northwest Community Colleges (NWCC) Prince Rupert Campus will become a downtown home base for a Grade 9 class from Charles Hays Senior Secondary that's embarking on a unique educational experience. The class of 28 students and their instructors are attempting to learn literally outside the box. For the mornings, they will call the NWCC campus home, while working under the theme of Urban Development and Community in the City of Prince Rupert. Mike Russell, Charles Hays vice-principal and the project coordinator, has been talking to community members who will mentor students and help them create a framework that allows them to collaborate in groups and create a project which attempts to address a local problem. The Grade 9 class will do so while also meeting the Ministry of Education IRP (Integrated Resource Packages) outcomes. Russell says he and his fellow instructors believe that local relevance and personalized instruction will encourage deeper critical thinking and give students the skills needed to thrive in todays workplace. Wendy Prystay is Manager for NWCC's Prince Rupert Campus. She says the College is pleased to partner with Prince Rupert School District No. 52 by providing the classroom space and that both parties look forward to a productive and enriching semester for the students. "This is a very innovative approach to learning and School District No. 52 should be applauded for encouraging its students to take a much more analytical view of their community," said Prystay. "We have the opportunity to expose 28 students to the College and the school district has a downtown home base for its innovative program." School District No. 52, NWCC and various business people will be mentors to the program.

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