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Provincial guide to Mine Training is released

SMITHERS, BC, October 7, 2014-- The B.C. Centre of Training Excellence in Mining (CTEM) is pleased to release the first comprehensive, provincial guide for mining related training: ‘B.C. Career Pathways Guidebook: Mining Careers’ (Guidebook). The Guidebook is an all-encompassing information package that contains information about the mining industry in B.C., highlights the many interesting career possibilities within the sector, and showcases the potential education and training providers within B.C.

“The Guidebook can be used by various stakeholders including students, current employees, and potential future employees to learn about the industry, career pathways, and training resources,” says Danielle Smyth, Executive Director for CTEM and Northwest Community College’s Project Administrator for the School of Exploration and Mining. “CTEM will distribute the Guidebook to secondary school career counsellors, post-secondary institutions, industry associations and relevant community groups as well as Work BC offices, First Nations Employment Access Services offices, and public libraries throughout British Columbia.” 

Funding for the Guidebook came through the Ministry of Advanced Education with additional financial support provided by BC HR Task Force: Mineral Exploration, Mining, Stone, Sand, and Gravel (funded by Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement), Imperial Metals and New Gold.

“From geologists to cooks and core splitters, BC’s mineral exploration and development sector will require close to 4,000 new workers over ten years,” says Gavin C. Dirom, President & CEO, Association from Mineral Exploration British Columbia. “We anticipate that CTEM’s Guidebook will be a very useful resource in educating students about where to get training for the variety of careers available in our dynamic industry.” 

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About CTEM

CTEM was initiated by the B.C. government in November 2012 and started the formulation of the organization in April 2013. It is committed to bringing stakeholders from associations, education organizations, industry and other key groups together to support a province wide initiative. CTEM’s mission is to connect industry, students, communities and training providers to meet employment needs by playing a leading role in determining industry skills requirements, facilitating responsive training and supporting partners. CTEM is funded through the Ministry of Advanced Education and housed within Northwest Community College.  To learn more, visit For more information contact:

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