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Trades training partnership announced.

Partnership with Coast Mountains School District announced

April 9, 2015

TERRACE, BC --Officials from the Coast Mountains School District #82 and Northwest Community College came together today to sign a memorandum of understanding to provide trades training programs for high school students who will also get advanced standing in post-secondary classes.

The new partnership is aimed primarily at students who are near graduation or who have graduated from high school but who are not yet 19 years old. Those students would have the opportunity to enrol free of charge in college-level trades training programs while they are still in the K-12 system.

The agreement sees students enrolled through the K-12 system but training will be delivered through Northwest Community College. And the partnership sees students taking courses both on NWCC’s campus and at the Northwest Regional Trades and Employment Training Centre (located in the former Thornhill Junior Secondary School).

“First of all, it gets some students that are near graduation or graduated, into focusing on what they want to do in terms of what they want to pursue as a career,” says School District 82 Board Chair Art Erasmus. “There are lots of young people that don’t know what they want to do yet, so this allows them the opportunity to do that.”

The courses set to take place this fall include a hairdressing course and the first year of welding. The hairdressing course will use equipment and curriculum from NWCC at the Northwest Regional Trades and Employment Training Centre. The welding course will take place on the NWCC campus.

“This is a great opportunity for students who are still under the age of 19 to explore training in the trades and get a feel for what post-secondary school can be like,” says NWCC President, Ken Burt. “We have seen through our experience with offering Intro to Trades 10 and the ACE-IT programs, that introducing students to the college environment at the high school level helps them adjust more easily to post-secondary.”




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