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Shelley Koopmans Bursary


Shelley Koopmans devoted many years of exceptional service to students at NWCC. She was a tireless advocate and acted with grace, care and understanding. This bursary is meant to honor Shelley's contributions and to continue a legacy in her name.

The bursary is self-funded through donations and will be adjudicated annually in fall. If funds permit, the bursary may be adjudicated twice per year.

Should you wish to donate, please contact NWCC's Advancement Department at 1.877.277.2288


To be eligible for this bursary, the applicant must be:

  • A single parent (male or female)
  • Enrolled in any NWCC program
  • good academic standing

The applicant must also submit a 300 word letter describing their involvement in community service.

Forms Required 
Applicable Campuses 
Terrace Campus
Prince Rupert Campus
Smithers Campus
Hazelton Campus
Funding Source 
October 30