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Legendary Literacy Luncheon

Hadih! In celebration of Literacy Week, Northwest Community College (NWCC) partnered with Smithers Community Services Association (SCSA) and Bulkley Valley Learning Center (BVLC), to host a Literacy Luncheon aimed at promoting literacy through storytelling. More than 60 participants attended this event, now in its second year.

On the menu was alphabet soup cooked up by the folks at the Ground 2 Griddle (G2G) Kitchen under the guidance of the Program Manager, Jo-Anne Nugent. NWCC and the literacy program at SCSA work together on a number of different literacy events and activities throughout the year and have been in partnership at the G2G Kitchen for more than 6 years. 

"The Ground 2 Griddle Kitchen develops literacy skills that encompass hard literacy such as the math and reading inherent in the process of cooking, but also literacy skills including participation, health, problem-solving, and shared learning,” said Nugent. “Through cooking we are able to find common ground with our learners and all participants have the opportunity to be both learner and teacher.”

Students from the BVLC helped bake cookies and cornbread with BVLC coordinator Susie Hooper.

We were honored by the presence of many elders, including Lillian Morris, who gave us a short lesson on introductions in Wet’suwet’en.

During the luncheon we heard legends from Mel Bazil, Donna Holland, Sue Alfred and Ron Austin. Sue Alfred treated us by reading “The Pink and Sockeye Salmon,” in Wet’suwet’en while her daughter Dolores Alfred translated the legend to English. Charrine Naziel-Lace displayed her accompanying illustrations. Ron Austin told the legend of “The Spider and the Children.” These books of our local legends are available for purchase by contacting

The Legendary Literacy Luncheon is an annual event at NWCC. Mark your calendars now for next year’s Literacy Week, the last week of January 2017.

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