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Board of Governors approve 2016/17 budget


March 1, 2016

Terrace, BC – The Northwest Community College (NWCC) Board of Governors approved the 2016/17 budget and fee changes at its February 26, 2016 board meeting.

The $30 million budget prepares the College for growth while mitigating reduced demand for training in the resource sector. While some reductions were needed to balance the budget, it is likely the changes will not result in layoffs. The Human Resources team, together with NWCC’s unions, have worked with impacted members to find alternatives. Measures have included early retirements, job sharing, and hiring of currently vacant Terrace-based positions at other campuses.

“This year’s budget shows that we now have a sustainable business model for the college that can be balanced on a recurring basis” said NWCC President and CEO, Ken Burt. “There are many signs that we are in a strong position for the future.”

Additional savings will be realized by opening the Kitimat campus only when there are courses in progress at that location. While accepted by the Board of Governors, Chair Herb Pond noted “the Board would like to see increased activity on all campuses as it makes sense to do so.”

In addition, the Board passed a motion raising tuition by two percent —a provincial policy allows this increase each year—to cover the increased cost of doing business. The Board also passed a resolution to implement a $25 application fee which will become a tuition credit upon registration. 



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