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NWCC gives you a unique way to get university credits and experience northwest BC's incredible history, culture and environment.

Our intensive spring and summer field schools incorporate a full semester of learning into just a few weeks.

Enrol today. It could potentially change your life.

NWCC Field Schools

Haida Gwaii 

Experience the culture and history of the amazing Haida people and explore the unique ecology of the archipelago.  

COURSES | 6 credits:
BIOL 201 – Invertebrate Zoology
ANTH 270 – Traditional Knowledge in Practise 

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INSTRUCTORSCatharine White and Sheree Ronaasen


Icefields to Oceans

Learn about geomorphology by examining the unique landscapes of northwestern BC and the inside passage of southeastern Alaska.

COURSES | 6 credits:
GEOG 210 – Environments and Society
GEOG 203 – Geomorphology

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INSTRUCTORS: Matt Beedle and Gordon Weary



An opportunity to learn outside, improve field research skills, and experience the culture and environment that makes our region unique.

COURSES | 6 credits:
BIOL 208 – Biology of Plants
GEOG 210 – Environments and Society

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People of the Skeena

Immerse yourself in the rich and amazing Gitxsan culture and history while learning the preparation of smoked salmon and weaving of cedar in an outdoor classroom.

COURSE | 3 credits: 
ANTH 203 – Northern Nations of the Northwest Coast

DATES: Check back soon!

INSTRUCTOR: Sheree Ronaasen


Relationships and Language: Truth and Reconciliation in North Western BC 

Learn about the early relationships between First Nations people and European newcomers and explore language restoration and revitalization.

COURSES | 6 credits:
FNST 120 – Aboriginal Languages - Preservation & Revitalization
HIST 213 – History of British Columbia 

DATES: Check back soon!

INSTRUCTORS: Christane Carr & Hondo Arendt


Rural Challenges in Marketing

Get out of the classroom to perform research and assist local organizations in designing a marketing strategy.

COURSE | 3 credits:
MARK 150 – Introduction to Marketing

DATES: Check back soon!

INSTRUCTOR:  Annette Sorensen 


Skeena Watershed Ecosystems

Explore environmental factors that determine the distribution and function of local ecosystems that extend from the alpine to river valleys.

COURSE | 3 credits: 
GEOG 202 – Geography of Ecosystems 

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