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Education Council

Education Council is the advisory body to the College Board on major institution-wide issues and educational policy. The Council acts as an overarching body to assist the College in achieving its mission of being a post-secondary institution dedicated to excellence in teaching and learning and an institution of first choice for students. In this role, it will gather, review, discuss information, and make recommendations and decisions in the context of the overall good of the College.

Education Councils' email address, facilitated by Chairperson, provides a means for members of the College community (students and staff) to provide their input into issues being addressed by Education Council. In the spirit of improving as an educational institution of excellence the College community is invited to:

  • Make suggestions and/or comments about Ed Councils functions and responsibilities, issues we are or should be addressing, ways we can help improve educational services, and etc.
  • Participate in discussion groups on issues identified by Ed Council members, committees or task , forces, and or Clusters as needing external input from the College community.

This address will also serve as communication link between Education Council and NWCC Clusters. Cluster meeting minutes will be submitted to this site for review and links between Education Council and its members and committees, the Student Association, NWCC Deans of Education, and other links as they develop.