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Fix Your Skin Award


Fix Your Skin is a huge repository of skincare advice and DIY tips that can give you great looking skin without breaking your bank! Skincare is a vital part of your self-care routine, sadly which gets ignored a lot.  Considering that stress and pollution are an inevitable part and parcel of everyone’s life, the onus falls on the people to take better care of your skin.  A $3000 scholarship Fix Your Skin is awarding to 3 winners at $1000.00 USD each. Open to students who are currently pursuing courses at colleges/universities. Open to anyone who has a creative slant of mind and has something innovative to contribute to us through their ability to write compelling content. A write-up of 500 – 2000 words about – Totally Natural Skincare In Today’s Busy Times. Deadline Novemeber 25th. 

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