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Nature Harmony

$2 000.00

Nature Harmony Institute is a non-profit organization committed to promote, facilitate, and empower responsible stewardship of the earth. Our goal is to transform our communities into nurturing places, with less harmful chemicals in our atmosphere, water, and food.  Nature Harmony Institute does this by offering educational workshops and seminars, community services, innovative research, and a student design challenge which focuses on bringing nature indoors in a sustainable and life-enhancing way.


The design challenge aims to foster creative solutions and innovative thinking about indoor natural environments from the future leaders in urban planning, interior design, environmental science, agriculture, and construction sectors. Using the principles of biophilic design and biomimicry, participants will design a large multi-purpose space to facilitate the use of Vertical Indoor Garden and Aquaculture (VIGA™) for the general public, community members, and vendors.

Funding Source 
January 31