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Career & College Preparation (CCP)


The Career & College Preparation program is designed for students who are in one or more of the following scenarios:

  • I am no longer in high school, but still want to complete the courses needed to earn my high school diploma.
  • I need to complete course prerequisites for a college program.
  • I want to upgrade my education and skills level to be eligible for more career opportunities.
  • I want to prepare for further post-secondary education and training.

The CCP program has four levels. Students earn a NWCC Certificate when they successfully complete each of the first three CCP levels — Fundamental, Intermediate and Advanced. CCP Certificate graduates can earn a BC Adult Graduation Diploma (Adult Dogwood) by completing the fourth CCP (Diploma) level.


Program Outline 

The Career & College Preparation program has four levels. Students earn a NWCC certificate when they successfully complete each of the first three levels, and a BC Adult Graduation Diploma (Adult Dogwood) for completing the fourth. Certificate and diploma courses and requirements are listed below.

CCP courses are offered one-on-one, self-paced and group-lecture formats, with distance and online options. It is important to note that some courses may not be available at all Campuses.

CCP Fundamental Level

The Fundamental Certificate requires completion of both ENGL 026 and MATH 026, or completion of ENGL 026 or MATH 026 and placement at a higher level in the other course.

CCP Intermediate Level (Grade 10)

  • CPST 030-2.5: Intermediate Computer Studies
  • CPST 0301-2: Culinary Arts Computer Studies
  • CPST 031-2.5: Artists Computer Studies
  • EDCP 030-2.5: Intermediate Education and Career Planning
  • ENGL 030-2.5: Intermediate English
  • ENGL 032-5: English for Trades
  • ENGL 0351-2.5: Culinary Arts English
  • FNST 033-4: Intermediate First Nations Studies – Introduction to Aboriginal Health Care (Health Access)
  • MATH 0301-2/0302-2: Intermediate Math
  • MATH 032-5: Math for Trades
  • MATH 033-5: Intermediate Math (Health Access)
  • MATH 091-5: Cook Training Math (Not eligible for Math requirement for Intermediate Level Certificate)
  • SCIE 030-5: Intermediate Science
  • SCIE 033-5: Intermediate Science (Health Access)
  • SOSC 035-1.5: Intermediate Social Science-Tourism

The Intermediate Certificate requires completion of English and a Math, plus two of the following courses at the Intermediate Level: Science; Social Science; Education and Career Planning or Computer Studies.

CCP Advanced Level (Grade 11)

The Advanced Certificate requires completion of an English, a Math, a Science or Computer Science or Computer Studies plus one option at the Advanced Level or higher.

CCP Provincial Level (Grade 12)

The BC Adult Graduation Diploma “Adult Dogwood” requires Provincial Level English or higher, Advanced Level Mathematics or higher, three additional courses at the Provincial Level or higher, or, Advanced Social Sciences and two Provincial or higher courses.

Career Opportunities 

The CCP program improves literacy skills, enhances job skills and provides a solid foundation for further educational opportunities. Completing high school graduation requirements opens up a wide variety of career opportunities, including entry level positions with government agencies, businesses and local industries.

CCP courses meet admission requirements for entry into post-secondary academic and career programs offered at NWCC, and other post-secondary institutions.

Admission Requirements 

Students should contact a Educational Advisor if they have any questions. 

For entry into CCP, students must: 

  • be at least 18 years of age, OR
  • have already earned Grade 12 standing, OR
  • be 17 years of age and out of public school for at least one year, OR
  • have a written recommendation from a local high school principal; AND
  • meet with an NWCC Educational Advisor to ensure that they have chosen the correct courses or programs.

Note: This program is intended for adults and is not a substitute for high school for younger students. The number of spaces available to students under 18 is limited – please contact your local College campus for details.

Unless otherwise noted, “Permission of Instructor” may be used to accept a student into a course(s) when the student does not meet course prerequisites and/or does not attain the required threshold on entry assessments. See the “Admission & Registration” section for details on this policy.

Fees and Financial Aid

Students enrolled in the Career and College Preparation program are charged per course credit, and no longer subject to time-based billing.

The Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG) provides assistance for eligible CCP students. Assistance may include payment of fees plus transportation, textbook and supply costs.

Dates and Locations 

CCP runs from September until late spring, and during the summer at some campuses.

Classes are held in:

  • Masset
  • Hazelton
  • Houston
  • Prince Rupert
  • Smithers
  • Terrace
Program Fees 

Starting January 2015 the CCP program began charging tuition for Adult Upgrading Courses. 

These courses are now charged by weekly hours.

Career and College Prep Program Fees

Hours per week Tuition and Fees per week Tuition and Fees per semester
0-4 hours  $14.46 $257.10
4.1-8 hours  $27.98 $460.32
8.1-14 hours $56.30 $907.05
14.1-21 hours  $86.66 $1340.52
21.1 +  $115.79 $1777.05

Fees are effective as of August 2016 

**Please note that these are approximate costs and may vary depending on courses taken.

You may be able to apply for help to pay your fees. Please come to the college and ask an advisor about financial assistance or funding that may be available.

Books may be available in the library or may be purchased second hand.